A core goal of this class is to build familiarity with the issues and opportunities likely to arise between Marketing and Operations and how they may be leveraged to advantage for a business. This assignment is to assess a company using Business Model Generation tools, identify likely tensions/vulnerabilities as well as possible collaboration areas between Marketing and Operations (i.e. the left side and right side of the canvas).

As background, you’ll recall the exercise from the first night of class where we discussed the viewpoints of a typical Marketing and Operations manager. We identified likely objectives for each of these functions, discussed typical overlap areas, possible tensions and opportunities for collaboration between the groups. We then brainstormed possible solutions to ensure efficient and effective management.

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Assessment of the Marketing and Operations Dynamic
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This assignment is to develop a similar ‘real life’ analysis on either Starbucks, Amazon (Go or Grocery) or a company of your choice. Whichever company you choose, you might do some type of field visit to assess the marketing/operations dynamic (i.e. visit the Amazon Go retail store or a Starbucks in addition to the case…but SAFELY!). Site visits are NOT required.

Specific requirements of this Assignment are as follows:

Undertake a field visit to your chosen company
Develop a thoughtful, in-depth 9-Box CanvasPreview the document for your company
Assess what type of Business Model Pattern (or patterns/hybrid) they are likely pursuing (i.e. multi-sided, long tail, etc)
Identify and describe three possible tension/concern points, critical interaction or collaboration areas between Marketing and Operations for this company
Create recommendations on how you would resolve those tension points or fully take advantage of the identified opportunities for collaboration. Specifically, what could management do to address the concerns and/or fully capitalize on possible areas of collaboration?


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