Topic: Asia, center or periphery?
Asia is often seen as rising power in the world. At the same time, it has an intricate history of modernization, colonialism, development challenges, and democratization, to name a few. Based on our roundtable discussions on (de)globalization and AI for social good, what is the role that Asia plays in the world? Will it continue to be “the world’s factory”? Or, with its innovative technology and vast domestic market, will Asia play the leading role in global development?
1. To answer these questions, you have to consider first: In Asia, there are diverse people with different values. What kinds of goals should Asia strive for? What are the most important values for Asia?
2. Anchor your argument to the course conversations. Our guest lectures covered the issues of democracy, human rights, equality, climate change, and indigenous rights. You should support your argument with solid materials from the lectures, the assigned and supplementary readings, or the discussion questions.
3. Provide examples to make your points, such as a social, political, or economic project that is designed to pursue certain values.

This is a group assignment which I am in charge of the INTRODUCTION. In introduction paragraph you must include:
1. Give a background about how Asia developed(relating to globalisation) and where it stands now?
2. Can cite notable works in Asia
3. Introduce that Asia is both world's factory and leading in global development (so my mates can continue writing in body paragraphs)

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Asia, Center or Periphery
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Please cite any references (and not more than two)


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