Analyze how stereotype threat impacted another person (pick one: Amy Tan from “Mother Tongue” or one/all of the women featured in the movie Hidden Figures). How did stereotype threat restrict (or potentially restricted them) from reaching their full potential? What might have helped them overcome stereotype threat in that situation? Please support your analysis using quotes from the texts we reviewed for this unit.
–Your introduction should follow the four-step template we went over in class and include a thesis—a concise statement where you answer the questions above and let your reader know what to expect as the paper unfolds.
–Your body paragraph should follow the six-step template we went over in class and provide evidence for your argument, focusing on specific evidence from the relevant texts you selected.
–Your “mini” paper must include in-text citations and a works cited page. It should also be in MLA format.
–While your paper does not need to be perfect, please make sure you complete the “zebra editing” exercise to catch as many grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors as possible on your own.

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