MT297-3: Apply risk management, ethical decision-making and problem solving management skills to achieve small group goals.

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Applying risk management, ethical decision-making and problem solving management skills to achieve small group goals
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Assignment: Risk Management

Behaving and enacting ethically motivated decisions in an organization in line with the organization’s stated mission, vision, and values creates a more aligned organization. It also creates credibility as the organization members behave as they say they will.

Read the scenario and then use the table provided to assess the risks involved on a scale from 1 to 5 (highest). Then decide how they can use ethical decision-making and the company code of conduct to enact a resolution.


The company Do Right Customer Service is a third party call center customer service provider to various corporations in North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico). The company Code of Conduct espouses: “Above all we value integrity in all we say and do; we treat our stakeholders and our communities in which we operate with care for their well-being.”

The company’s current headquarters is in Des Moines, Iowa, and the company has been growing exponentially. Up until now the work teams have been composed of 4–6 employees in small teams. However, they want to reduce overhead costs in the next 9 months, while expanding their services or they will have to start firing 40% of the workforce. They know that at least 70% of the workers (i.e., 100 employees) do not want to move to another location. They have leased land in Monterrey, Mexico that has a building that could accommodate at least 50% of the employees needed for this move.

The town of Monterrey meanwhile has recently had a spate of gang violence that has toppled the existing governorship of the state. In addition, the air quality index indicates that 30% of the days, especially in the months of October through January have air quality indexes indicating risk to the elderly and children in terms of breathing difficulties.

Several supervisors of the call center teams have voiced concern over the location after the company announced their plans. Some of the company employees have been putting negative comments out on social media deriding the company’s plans. The company wants the one new location started because they want control over the call center customer service quality provided. They will also need additional supervisors at the new expanded location and at the same time are also concerned about the company image and morale during this whole process.

The current workforce is fluent in at least two languages and earn better than average wages. The average years of experience of each customer service representative is 5 years.

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