Write a discussion essay of at least 350 words discussing the following:
Jack (or Julie if you are female) is your next door neighbor. You just moved to the area and Jack asked if you wanted to go get some coffee sometime. You take him up on his offer and really enjoy his friendship. After several months of getting to know him, you start to talk about things that have more “ultimate” meaning. Through these conversations you recognize that he is searching for answers in life. In your last conversation, Jack made the statement that there is no such thing as truth. He went on to explain that in life, each person comes up with their own measure of what is true for them. Yet, he also believes in right and wrong and he was having difficulty reconciling his 2 beliefs. That night you keep thinking about Jack and his search for answers; you decided to write him a Facebook message addressing his search for truth. Write what you said in your Facebook message to Jack.
Use the following sources in your response:
1.  H. Wayne House and Holden, Joseph M. Charts of Apologetics and Christian Evidences Grand Rapids: Zondervan 2006.
2. McGrath, Alister E. Mere Apologetics: How To Help Seekers & Skeptics Find Faith. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2012.

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