Annotated Bibliography (document 1): a detailed account of 6 potential sources requirements: MLA format, 6 reliable sources, , 1 paragraph giving a summary about the source as well as 1 paragraph giving an evaluation for each source. Research Paper final draft (document 2) : 5-8 pages not including the works cited page, a minimum of 5 reliable outside sources, is required to have a connection to Lamb by Christopher Moore made in the introduction. requirements: thesis statement, quality of research, integration of quotations, cohesion, organization, mechanics, MLA format, level or expertise. Christopher Moore’s Lamb in the basis for you research paper. You will not be researching the novel itself, but digging deep into now of topics the novel presents. You do not have to write about Lamb, except in the introduction where you will connect the topic and theme to the novel. A topic has already been chosen and will be stated below. Prompt: ‘You go with Joshua. He need a friend to teach him to be human. Then I can teach him to be a man’ (Moore). ‘Generally speaking, humans each have one to two special friends, five intimate friends, 15 best friends, 50 good friends, 150 ‘just’ friends and 500 acquaintances. ..

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Annotated Bibliography (document 1): a detailed account of 6
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