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Question 3) Essay (5Marks) When negotiating for a new job you should begin by figuring out what you want and what the potential employer wants. For example, you may not even wish to raise salary issues, after considering all your interests in addition to salary—and what is fair in the market. In addition, some employers do not negotiate about salary though they may be willing to talk about other parts of a job. Think through your fallback position for each negotiation you will be in. For many people this is the major source of power they will experience in looking for a job please develop options for yourself and for your family. Options will help your mind, will strengthen your bargaining position, and will help your conscience. (Strong options will help defend you from the impulse to lie or misrepresent yourself). The fallback position is the source of power that appears weak if you are committed within one company. It is especially a problem if your old salary within the company was low. But you still may be able to scout out half a dozen possibilities within your old firm build and use your professional relationships. If your old salary was low, spend a lot of effort to redefine yourself as a new commodity. Use the power of commitment and be dogged about this if you possibly can. Try very hard to build a fallback position, so that you will be choosing among jobs rather than just accepting one. What is another name for the fallback position in this negotiation? Explain this concept and analyze the situation of negotiating a job using the recommendations for preparation for a negotiation.

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Analyze the Situation of Negotiating a Job Using the Recommendations for Preparation for a Negotiation
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