Urban Management Practice: Governance and Power in the City.

Conduct and write a governance AUDIT REPORT about an urban management institution, such as a state agency such as the Greater Sydney Commission or Land com, an airport authority, a municipal council, a lobbying body such as the Committee for Sydney, a state or Federal department, or a health district.
Your governance audit report should:
1. Describe the organization you are auditing.
2. Analyze the organization using the ideas and theories from the readings.
As the course theme is governance and power’ you should frame the report in the critical readings that con- statute the course material. All of the core readings concern urban management agencies or institutions of some kind, and pull them apart’ analytically. A high distinction report would be similarly critical (not necessarily negative, but conscious that how these bodies work in practice are driven by powerful agents). Reference can be made to media reports, Mansard, Auditor-General reports, Budget Estimates hearings, legislation, public inquiries, etc. if necessary to give you a sense of this

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Analyze the organization using the ideas and theories from the readings.
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You should use the style that you believe communicates most effectively. You may use the conventional devices of reports, such as text boxes or diagrams, or follow a more textual approach.

Marking Criteria:
Written Communication and Presentation: The overall presentation of the report and presentation conforms to the standards set out in the Learning Guide.
High Distinction = The writing and presentation are clear, concise and free of typographical and grammatical errors. The report is clear and succinctly convey the key information about the organization. It has a sophisticated understanding of how to apply critical concepts to explaining how the institution functions, and shows a high level of research into how it operates in practice.
Distinction = The writing and presentation are clear and concise with minimal typographical and grammatical errors. Key aspects of the organization are accurately conveyed, there is evidence of ability to apply critical con- cents to explaining how the institution functions, and evidence of research of how the organization operates in practice.
Credit = The writing and presentation are competent, clear and concise with limited typographical errors. Most key features of the organization are conveyed clearly. There is moderate evidence of critical concepts, and a largely descriptive and/or formal account of how the organization operates in practice.
Pass = The writing and presentation are sound, though with various weaknesses. It has little conceptual insight, but adequately communicates some of the features of the organization.
Fail = The writing and presentation are poor and unclear with frequent errors of grammar and style. There is no conceptual basis to the report, and very limited coverage of the organization.

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