Paper instructions:

1.    Perform a SWOT analysis for Reed.
2.    Which threat do you see as the most serious?  Why?
3.    Should the dollar specials campaign be continued?  Why or why not?
4.    What are Reed’s strategic options?  Which strategy do you think Reed should follow?  Why?

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•    You need to have headings/subheadings which should look like this…
o    Strengths
o    Weaknesses
o    Opportunities
o    Threats
o    Greatest Threat
o    Dollar Specials
o    Strategic Options

•    No introduction is necessary.  Writing an introduction is a waste of your time.
•    Font – Times New Roman, 12 point.
•    Single spaced.
•    Normal margins (one inch).
•    Pages must be numbered.
•    Include a running header…and…I should not have to say this, but put your name on your papers (in the running header).
•    Maximum length – four pages (+/- one page).  This does not count cover pages and/or references.  (Be concise in your writing and edit.)
•    Check your grammar and spelling (don’t forget paragraph breaks).
•    I do deduct points for not following directions.
•    I do deduct points for grammar/spelling.

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