An underlying goal of this course has been understanding intersectionality.The University of California’s Center for New Racial Studies definesintersectionality as the term given to the, “complex and reciprocalattachments and sometimes polarizing conflicts that confront bothindividuals and movements as they seek to ‘navigate’ among the raced,gendered, and class-based dimensions of social and political life.”1Yet, theCenter concludes: “The methodological and explanatory framework forlinking these three axes of identity and difference, of alliance andantagonism, remains elusive.” Reflecting on our class (readings and discussions, in-class and on Piazza)discuss how best you have come to understand intersectionality, includingwhat has been most helpful in terms of our readings and examples frommedia. Additionally, discuss your own intellectual development during thiscourse and whether you approach race, class, and gender in mediadifferently. Lastly, in tracing your own intellectual development, why doyou think these “three axes of identity and difference” are so powerful, yetthe development of frameworks for tying them together “elusive?”While this essay is a personal reflection, you should engage with conceptsand materials from the semester and how they have impacted yourunderstanding of race, class, and gender in the media through the lens ofintersectionality. ..

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An underlying goal of this course has been understanding int
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