An important first step in performance improvement is to conduct an internal data comparison with data collected over a period of time. Once you have a collection of data, you need to aggregate and analyze it to determine opportunities for improvement. This exercise will introduce you to the concepts of data aggregation and analysis, using the case study that we started in Unit 2, “The Case of the Belated Lab Tests”.InstructionsThis unit’s exercise continues the “Belated Lab Tests” case study that we started in Unit 2. Your assignment is to prepare a report that justifies the need to start a performance improvement project on lab test turnaround. Your report will be based on an internal data collection (see information provided below and in the attachment).Using this information, you will create a graphic demonstration of the data, summarize any conclusions that can be made, and propose a list of additional data needed to find improvement opportunities. Be sure to address all three tasks that are listed below.The following information was extracted from the floor secretary logs from the past week:A total of 3622 tests were done and 589 were over the standards for turnaround timeThe breakdown by urgency is as follows:Of 459 STATs, 77 were over standardOf 1042 Urgents, 334 were over standardOf 2121 Routines, 178 were over standardNOTE: You might create an Excel table that looks something like this in order to make a chart that will be valuable:Performance Data (I will send you a picture of the data, I could not copy and paste it)URGENTROUTINESTATTOTALNumber > Standard33417877589% of Total > Standard57%30%13%100%Cumulative % of Total57%87%100%Tasks: You will turn in a graph for task #1, and written answers for #’s 2 and 3.Arrange this performance data on turnaround times in a graphic format (create a graph).Summarize what conclusions can be drawn from the data. Is there enough information to establish a baseline? r submission should be a minimum of 2-3 pages, and can include the graph within the body of the report, or you can attach it as an exhibit.If you use outside references, please include them in APA style. ..

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An important first step in performance improvement is to con
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