Alright….you’ve done it! You’ve completed the course! (ok, maybe you haven’t submitted your final paper yet) but you’ve slogged along through what I hope were interesting, challenging, and meaningful discussions with your classmates. Hopefully along the way you’ll have discovered some new passionate interest about culture or science and the conflicts between your beliefs and reason that characterize what it means to be human! Share them if you’re willing.Let me know if this course has encouraged you about the future of technology and society/culture-or cautioned you about your own choices for your career (maybe both?)-and what steps you think we need to take to make sure that our economy/culture/society serves our needs and hopes for the future.I’m especially interested in what discussions that you found most interesting-and which ones didn’t work for you and why.Thanks for all of the hard work that you engaged in this semester-and thank you for teaching me so much about our future! ..

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Alright….you’ve done it! You’ve completed the course! (ok,
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