All what you have to do is to answer the following multiple choice question.1. If the trade in tiger products is banned, tiger reserves are guarded, and the makers of traditional medicinescanbe persuaded that tiger parts are not needed, then tiger poaching will be halted, habitat and lifesustaining prey will be restored, and the immanent extinction of tigers in the wild will be averted.a. Nonargument. b. Argument; conclusion: Tiger poaching will be halted. c. Argument; conclusion: The makers of traditional medicines … not needed. d. Argument; conclusion: Tiger poaching will be halted … will be averted.2. Scientists have shown that runoff rich in fertilizer causes a pronounced increase in the algae of lakes andponds. Snails then gorge themselves on the algae, causing parasites living inside them to produce hugequantities of eggs. When the eggs hatch, the parasites infect young frogs, causing severe deformation oftheir limbs. Therefore, we should conclude that the world-wide disappearance of frogs may be the resultof agricultural runoff.a. Nonargument. b. Argument; conclusion: Snails then gorge themselves … huge quantities of eggs. c. Argument; conclusion: We should conclude … agricultural runoff. d. Argument; conclusion: When the eggs hatch … severe deformation of their limbs.3. It is likely that innocent prisoners in this country have been executed for crimes they did not commit. From1973 until 2007, 124 death row inmates have been exonerated. In many of these cases DNA evidenceplayed a crucial role. Yet, in that same time frame, more than 1000 prisoners were executed. For many ofthese prisoners no DNA evidence was available.a. Argument; conclusion: In many of these cases … played a crucial role.b. Nonargument.c. Argument; conclusion: For many of these prisoners … was available.d. Argument; conclusion: It is likely that innocent prisoners … they did not commit. 4. Some over-the-counter medicines should not be given to very young children. Did you know that coldmedicines contain decongestants and antihistamines. These substances raise blood pressure and heartrate. If an overdose should occur in a young child, the result can be fatal.a. Argument; conclusion: Some over-the-counter medicines … very young children. b. Argument; conclusion: These substances raise blood pressure and heart rate. c. Argument; conclusion: If an overdose … the result can be fatal.d. Argument; conclusion: Cold medicines contain decongestants and antihistamines. 5. Some statements about the human condition are commercial failures, since some novels are commercialfailures, and some novels are statements about the human condition.a. Inductive, analogy. b. Inductive, causal.c. Deductive, categorical syllogism d. Deductive, definition6. Which of the following statements expresses a value claim? a. Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World. b. The market capitalization of Wal-Mart is larger than that of Target. c. The intention of a human action is determined by its consequences. d. The Yankees are the best team in major league baseball. 7. Which of the following statements has primarily cognitive meaning? a. Mr. Parker’s proposals for reorganizing the company are positively bizarre. b. Ansel Adams’ photographs are amazingly beautiful.c. The government is currently run by maniacs. d. The number of deaths linked to prescription drugs is on the rise. 8. Which of the following statements is vague? a. Bob’s dog is six years old. b. Wine is an alcoholic beverage. c. Mr. Harris, my neighbor, is wealthy. d. Lung cancer can be fatal. 9. Which of the following groups of terms are in the order of increasing intension? a. food, desert, pie, cherry pie. b. dessert, pie, food, cherry pie. c. cherry pie, pie, dessert, food.d. pie, food, cherry pie, dessert.10. Which of the following groups of terms is in the order of increasing extension? a. weapon, firearm, gun, pistol. b. hand-gun, firearm, weapon, pistol.c. pistol, gun, firearm, weapon. d. firearm, hand-gun, weapon, pistol. ..

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All what you have to do is to answer the following multiple
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