All the instructions are bellow, and I will attach the activities and chapters that you might look at them are write about them. Please just take the citation or the references form what I will provide because it’s not a research that required an outside resource.Over the course of the semester you will be challenged to think, speak, listen, and actdifferently as you develop intercultural competence skills. Part of your understanding is toreflect critically on what you learned in the sessions and apply it to your own life. For thisassignment you will work individually and complete a reflective journal that addresses thefollowing questions, for 4 separate occasionsduring the semester. This can be in digital form, Each “occasion” will be about 250 words.BOOK NAME: Moodian, M.A. (Ed.). (2009). Contemporary leadership and intercultural competence: Exploring the cross cultural dynamics within organizations. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. PLEASE WRITE ABOUT THESE: THE ACIVITIES CALLED> THE MARSHAMELLOW CHALLENGE, our team were the 2nd level of the highest tower in the class. Some viedos we watched“I learned that” should…Express an important learning, not just a statement of factProvide a clear and correct explanation of the concept(s) in question so that someone not in the experience could understand it.Explain your enhanced understanding of the concept(s), as a result of reflection on your experienceBe expressed in general terms, not just in the context of your experience (so that the learning can be applied more broadly to other experiences)Connect your learning to your specific activities, making clear what happened in the context of that experience so that someone who wasn’t there could understand it.Consider how the learning has value, both in terms of your course or project-related activities and in broader terms, such as:Other organizations or issuesOther activities you participate inOther personal interests or professional goals.Other coursesSet specific and assessable goals and consider the benefits and challenges involved in fulfilling those goalsState action that will be undertaken as a result of this learningTie back clearly to the original learning statement.“I learned this when” should….“This learning matters because” should…“In light of this learning, I….” should… ..

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All the instructions are bellow, and I will attach the activ
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