All semester I’ve been giving you writing topics. It’s your turn now to share something that interests you.Here’s the deal, though. You need to go to AEON (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (just type that or click on it and you’ll see) and select an essay, not a video, that you find interesting. use the menu feature. Explore a bit. This is one of my favorite websites, and I hope it becomes one of yours. Notice that you can scroll to the bottom of the first page and while doing so probably find a couple interesting essays that would work for this activity. You can also click on the Menu button at the upper left and find essays via that. Post a Main Reply due prior to the end of Wednesday, November 20th. Reply to two classmates prior to the end of Tuesday, November 26. Replies can be brief, 75 words, but they need to prove that you read the Main Reply. The AEON essay you choose must be an ‘argumentative/persuasive essay. (It can’t be someone reading a poem or a factual, scientific report. It needs to be pursuing an opinion, trying to persuade readers to think about this idea, this opinion. It needs to be at least 1,000 words long, no exceptions to this. Your new thread should summarize the main argument, and then explain why you chose the essay you did, include a link to the essay and let us know how long the essay is (word count). In addition to explaining why you find the essay interesting, analyze the speaker’s strategies for persuading his or her audience.(Hey, it’s a writing class, so what did you expect?) Ethos, logos, and pathos. ..

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All semester I’ve been giving you writing topics. It’s your
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