All Primary Assignments MUST include a thesis statement, a bibliography (APA style), and the use and citation of three reading articles.The Tension between Engaged Citizenship & IndividualismLearning Objective: The creative tension between individualism and engaged citizenship is examined. The Service Learning Project (SLP) is introduced.Option 1:Watch a movie! Choose one of two films, Stand and Deliver, or McFarland. Both of these films are dramatic enactments of actual people whose choices and behaviors influenced the lives of others. The central figure in these movies is an ordinary person who chooses to defy conventional wisdom, while overcoming physical and other threats, to pursue a selfless goal which ultimately uplifted the human spirit of those around them. Compose an essay comparing and contrasting the behavior of the film’s central figure against our assigned readings this week regarding engaged citizenship. How do the choices and behaviors of the central figures in these films demonstrate engaged citizenship? Can you envision yourself in a similar role? Have you witnessed someone whose actions have been similarly inspirational? Please note, you may incur an out-of-pocket cost to view these films. The links below include free previews to the film.Stand and Deliver, YouTube Movies, 2011McFarland USAYouTube Movies, 2015OPTION 2Step One: In a document of at least 400 words, list and contrast the duties of citizenship. Give examples where Americans are, or are not, fulfilling the role(s) of engaged citizenship. Consider how the authors describe engaged citizenship and briefly offer your thoughts on the reasons people are or are not engaged, citizens.Step Two: Find or create, and share a photograph which depicts Americans fulfilling (or not fulfilling) one of the duties of citizenship discussed in our assigned readings. In an analysis of at least 200 words, make connections between the expectations of engaged citizenship discussed in the readings and the photograph. ..

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All Primary Assignments MUST include a thesis statement, a b
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