Aligning Your Philosophy With Your Profession
In preparation for this week’s Discussion, consider the following questions, which are all pertinent to deciding what you want your career to be:

  • What makes one field more appealing than another?
  • Why did you choose the Bachelor of Science in Child Development?
  • What appeals to you about this field?
  • What role would you like to play in fostering children’s healthy development and learning?

Then, consider the ways you have grown and what you have learned throughout this program. Reflect on what you believe with regard to the importance of giving children healthy starts in life, the role of the family in this process, the impact and importance of cultural responsiveness, healthy brain development, strong mental health and socio-emotional development, and developmentally appropriate practice. Bring to mind all of the influences on children’s healthy development—significant adults, parents and other family members, quality educational programs, supportive community and public policies, and quality health care and nutrition.
Next, choose a job in the field that appeals to you. (Review the Web sites listed in the Resources to help you decide or focus on one profession that was featured in the video segments or informational interviews you conducted.)
Note: Participating in the course Discussions is a form of networking, which is an effective way to learn more about jobs and expand and deepen your thinking. Deriving inspiration and gathering insights from your colleagues through the Discussion process may inform your thinking in ways that can enhance your Project for this week.
Post a description of the profession and an explanation of how this position aligns with your philosophy of child development and the principles of effective early childhood practice and methods of working with young children and their families that you learned throughout the program.

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Aligning Your Philosophy With Your Profession: What role would you like to play in fostering children’s healthy development and learning?
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