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Albert Bierstadt, Puget sound on the Pacific Coast, 1870
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1. Select an art piece from your book. Please stick with well-known art pieces and artists. You may have difficulty finding references on obscure artists. You might want to do some preliminary research before deciding on an art piece.

2. Your choice of artwork/artist must be approved by the instructor and placed on the sign-up sheet.

3. This paper is to be written in MLA format.

This site is helpful for MLA guidelines –

Mr. Welborn

4. All research must be noted in MLA format.

5. The paper is to be at least 1500 words.

6. The paper must include a photocopy of the art piece.

7. All reference sources must be cited in a bibliography. You should have at least 6 reference sources. Your book can be your first source. Other sources should include books, internet sites (not Wikipedia) or periodicals. Each source must be quoted at least once in your paper. This requirement represents the minimum number of references, you can have more.

8. Outline for the contents of the paper

a. The introduction – Introduce the art piece and artist. Give a brief history of the style

and the artist. Include major contributions of the artist to the art world. Discuss

the significance of the time period culturally, technologically and philosophically

as it relates to your chosen work of art.

b. The body of the paper – Should be at least three paragraphs. The elements of art

should be discussed as they relate to the art piece. Compositional elements should

be discussed. Discuss the subject matter of the art piece. Discuss any

underlying themes or meanings.

c. The conclusion – Tell me why you picked this work of art. You should include

your own impressions of the works based upon your previous experience,

personal culture etc. This section should be written in first person. The rest of the

paper should be written in third person.

9. Each paper must represent unique and individual work. Plagiarism will result in the

assignment of a grade of zero for the paper. All references must be cited in the MLA

in-text citation style; otherwise, materials taken from these references constitutes

plagiarism. Do not compose your entire paper of quotes. Do not simply paraphrase

material from your sources. Most of this paper should be written in your own words.

The rest of the paper should be quotes from your reference materials.

10. The paper must be typed and be presented in a neat, easy to read fashion. The paper must

be double spaced in 12-point font.

11. The due date for this paper will be announced in class. 10 points will be deducted from the

paper’s grade for every day past the due date. Papers will not be accepted that are more

than three days late and will result in a grade of zero. This is 72 hours after the due date,

not three class meetings after the due date.



Here are some prompts for your paper:

Brief History of Artist, style or time-period of the artwork

Contribution of the artist

Elements of art (line, shape, form, etc.)

Compositional elements

Historical influences

Cultural and Technological influences

Conclusion (based on personal experiences and preferences)



Format (number of paragraphs, cover sheet, typed,

photocopy of the artworks discussed etc.)


This paper will be worth 20% of your final grade.



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