After reading the following chapters, answer the questions below. Please, give your answers in your own words, do not copy and paste from the textbook or another source.Chapter 10: Leadership1. In what way does a first-level supervisor play an important leadership role in the organization? Give two examples.2. Which of the influence tactics described in this chapter do you think is the least ethical? Explain your reasoning.3. Research Report Instructions:1)Go to (2) Type ‘leadership’ in the ‘Search box’ at the top. Find three interesting articles to you and summarize (3 pages) their content based on how the subject explained in each article is seen in your current company, or a company of your choice. This research report must be sent in APA style (Cover page, abstract, Main body (question 1, 2 and research report findings), Conclusions, References), and it should be part of the same assignment’s document. ..

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After reading the following chapters, answer the questions b
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