After reading chapter 17 and reviewing the weekly resource page, consider the following three items. 1) Choose a social movement (worth 5 points)and provide a summary of it and find out what impact it has had in your local area. Your summary should include an analysis of any social problems your movement represents. On the resource page I have a lot of information about the environmental movement because this is one of the easiest ones to find something for locally, but feel free to use any social problem you wish. 2) Collective Behavior (worth 5 points)With respect to collective behavior, what are some examples of collective behavior you see? How does collective behavior influence us everyday and how does it influence social change? Specifically, what types can you identify in the social movement you selected for part 1.Remember that collective behavior may be more subtle than you think, I mean, how many of us really have social media accounts because, well, everyone else does, and society almost demands it! 3) Course Impact (worth 5 points) Ultimately, how has this social problems class changed your thinking, opinions, beliefs, views, or behavior towards yourself, others, and/or our social world? will post two times for this discussion (first post is worth 15 points, second post worth 5 points), one time presenting your own original post with your summary of the three items above, and the second one to comment on a different aspect of someone else’s post, such as whether the movement they chose has been successful, or unsuccessful, and ways that the movement has affected social change.I will allow you to see each other’s posts so that you all do not take the same aspect of the same social movement. If someone else has chosen the movement you wanted then your first post can be to find what they missed about that movement and relate it to a different local issue. Remember to think about who has something to gain, who are the claims makers in any of the issues we discuss. Thanks for a great course! Please remember to take my opinion survey,(will open the last week of the course) it is worth 10 extra credit points and I really use the information you provide to help improve the course. Make sure you visit the Final Checklist items to make sure you have turned everything in. This can be found in modules. Your post is due by Wed. at 11:59 p.m. See your course schedule for the exact date this assignment is due. ..

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After reading chapter 17 and reviewing the weekly resource p
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