Paper instructions:

Affirmative action policies have been put into place to alleviate negative consequences from past discrimination. For this assessment you are to consider affirmative action policies specifically geared towards college admissions and respond to the following:

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Outline the specifics of the affirmative action policy for each of the cases below and explain each ruling.
Regents of the University of California v Bakke (1978)
Gratz v Bollinger (2003)
Grutter v Bollinger (2003)
Fisher v University of Texas (2016)

Encouraging diversity within the student body is one of several reasons why some universities use an affirmative action policy for admissions decisions.
Why is having a diverse student body important?
What would be another method universities could employ to achieve such diversity? (be specific)

All outside sources must be cited within the actual response by means of in-text citations or footnotes and a works cited list is required using APA writing style.

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