Activity #2: Earth 2100.Climate Scientists believe that the world may warm up to 6°C from it’s 20th century average temperature by 2100. In the worst case scenario, the results could be disastrous. For this activity, watch the documentary ‘Earth 2100’ which can be found at: answer the questions below in the text box below.(2pts): According to the documentary, if everyone on earth had the same lifestyle as Americans, how many ‘earths’ would it require, in terms of resources? (4pts): This documentary was released in 2009, so it’s slightly outdated. What predictions made by the documentary have already come true (think of current events and events over the past 10 years)? What predictions have not come true?(4pts): In this scenario, name at least two major ‘turning points’ that lead to a mass reduction of the human population. Are these realistic? Why/why not?PreviousNext ..

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Activity #2: Earth 2100.Climate Scientists believe that the
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