You are asked to write a research proposal. You will find a sample research proposal. Stick to that format.

Some people use social media actively meaning they post pictures and videos of themselves online they like and share etc.. Others use it passively. They look at other peoples photos and posts. The “thesis” lets say of this proposal is that that during the covid pandemic , the ones that use social media passively have been effected worse in terms of mental health or that they are under risk.

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Active-passive usage of social media
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You will find a link to an article that you will use , its about active-passive usage of social media. You can find 1 or 2 more articles like this. Use sources that are open to the public like google scholar is open i think.

One last thing, please do not write pointless paragraphs defining concepts to reach the word limit. Please do not write a huge paragraph defining the covid pandemic for example.

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