Paper instructions:

Your ability to handle difficult writing situations with tact and sensitivity influences the opinion that your colleagues and clients will have of you. This writing assignment will require you to write a tactful and empathetic bad news letter.

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Topic: You are the Chief Administrator of the Veteran’s Clinic in Elephant Butte, New Mexico. Your facility has served veterans in your city as well as the surrounding area for several years. Your clinic has provided general practice, cardiology, and dentistry to veterans. Unfortunately, you must to close this facility because the government wants to relocate to a larger city.

Write a letter on behalf of the Elephant Butte VA to Mr. Dale Winter, a Vietnam veteran who has been using your facility. Tell him that the clinic is closing, tell him how he will be affected, and provide options for him.

Your letter should be inductively organized and worded carefully so that you keep the reader in mind at all times. Organize your letter paragraph by paragraph as follows:

*Include a buffer paragraph first. It should be three or four sentences long.

*Then provide a thorough explanation for your decision, followed by the bad news. Do not cite “government policy” as a reason for the decision. Immediately after the bad news, give an alternative counterproposal or a “silver lining” to the situation. Come up with a strong alternative proposal/silver lining that will appeal to the reader.

*Explain the counterproposal/silver lining in more detail in its own paragraph. Provide enough details to assist the reader as much as possible. You will need to make up details; make them realistic. Do research to ensure that what you say is realistic.

*Include resale in the last paragraph by mentioning the silver lining again (remind the reader of the benefits of the silver lining). Also, include a goodwill statement and a contact phone number.

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