(A)Assessment is essential about the nursing practice because it enables the accurate identification of illnesses in patients. An evaluation of a case study about irritable 9-month old twin siblings will enable the identification of appropriate assessment and communication techniques as well as treatment and diagnosis. The employment of the comprehensive assessment techniques is suitable because it will involve a complete physical evaluation of the siblings. The physical evaluation will involve an inspection of observable attributes with the nose, ears, and eyes (Afifi, 2017). Some of the observable components can include rashes, odors, and bruises. The relevant assessment data include checking their diapers, checking their skin for rashes, and an inquiry from the parents when the children last eat and slept. An important part of the nursing process is the constant application of critical thinking. The nursing process has five steps; assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and evaluation, commonly known as ADPIE. (B)To figure out why the babies are crying, I would use a problem-oriented assessment technique. Since they aren’t able to tell me what the problem is, the assessment will be based on observation and any non-verbal cues that could assist in identifying the problem. Some typical problems that cause babies to cry can be stimuli related to a soiled diaper, hunger, fatigue, discomfort, or pain. Pertinent assessments would include observing their facial expressions to determine their level of discomfort. I would also assess the color in their faces to make sure there is proficient oxygen perfusion. I would also observe their breathing pattern for the level of work used and if there are any accessory muscles used. These observations will help in determining if there is a severe physiologic issue occurring affecting their respiratory system. Once I’ve determined their breathing is adequate, other interventions would be to assess their diapers for soiling, offer a warm bottle of milk, or try to put them to bed.(C)I would do a comprehensive test on the baby. Since, the baby is not able to speak, I would do a comprehensive test to try to figure out what is wrong with the child. With myself having children of my own, my first thought is that the baby might be hungry or tired. Thinking back on the time-frame of when was the last time that they ate and the last time that they took a nap. If they recently took a nap and ate, then I would look over them thoroughly to see if there are any visible that I can take a look at. They will not be able to point at a problem area and let you know what might be hurting. For example, if it was something that they ate and made their stomach upset, they are not going to be able to verbalize it. I speculate it can also be separation anxiety. ..

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(A)Assessment is essential about the nursing practice becaus
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