A person’s nutrient needs may change for a variety of reasons, but the most influential is stage-of-life. In this discussion, you will examine two stages of life chosen from the following:InfancyChildhoodAdolescenceAdulthoodOlder adulthoodPregnancy and LactationFor your initial post, address the following:Identify the two life stages of life you will discuss and list their names in the title of your initial post.Research and describe the current nutrient recommendations for the life stages you selected.Suggest foods that would be beneficial for each of the life stages you selected and explain why.Review the posts made by your classmates, and reply to at least two. Suggest at least one additional food to consider for each of the life stages they discussed. Provide the rationale supporting your recommendations.Should you wish to provide your initial or response posts with data or research found, be sure to utilize proper APA formatting and cite your resources. ..

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A person’s nutrient needs may change for a variety of reason
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