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A literature review on the “Student Loan Debt in America”
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You wrote all of the papers mentioned below as reference.
In the synthesis essay, you will focus on Student Loan Debt in America.
You will divide the essay into categories. Each category will be labelled with a heading.
In the synthesis essay, you will focus your research efforts in a particular area, perhaps as a response to what you found while writing the annotated bibliography (this site wrote) and in constructing the four-source and six-source essays (this site wrote all of these papers). You will then conduct more research and synthesize your findings in this literature review.
You might decide to disregard several of the articles you analyzed in the critical annotated bibliography or in the following two essays because they don’t speak to the specific area on which you decide to write your multiple-source literature review. You might select one article that you analyzed in the critical annotated bibliography, look up the articles cited in the article, and “snowball” your research that way.

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