A final paper is required in which students apply their learnings about the wellnessapproach to their future professional practice. Students should select a population and asetting relevant to their future professional goals and describe a wellness-focusedprogram swarbrick’s wellness model and intervention applicable to this setting and population. This program orintervention should make concrete, critical, and integrative use of the concepts exploredin the readings and class discussions. In these papers, the conceptualization of mentalhealth/wellness that is the basis of this program or intervention should be articulated, itscultural appropriateness considered, and its stance vis-à-vis an integration with themedical model addressed. In completing these papers, students should feel free to drawon knowledge from other courses. Students will have the opportunity to consult with theclass regarding their papers before submitting the final paper. This paper should includereferences and a bibliography—from this class as well as other sources—and should beno more than 5 pages long. APA formate ..

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A final paper is required in which students apply their lear
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