A 10 page-position paper is required that involves the student defending a carefully delimited position within the context of an issue germane to the general subject of religion. The specific topic of this paper will be to prove and argue for the existence of God with religious evidence and historical information. The first sentence of your essay must begin with this sentence: ‘The purpose of my paper is to prove that…’ An effective defense will include the following:1) A precise statement of the thesis – i.e., a statement explaining exactly what you aim to reasonably establish.2) Positive argumentation/evidence in support of one’s thesis.3) Argumentation against competing positions.4) Anticipatory response (counter-argumentation) to possible objections to your thesis.It should be clear from the above that the body of your essay should consist virtually entirely of argumentation. The paper must be in proper academic form (12 point font, 10 double spaced pages not including the bibliography) with introductory and conclusion sections, an acceptable referencing format, and bibliography. ..

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A 10 page-position paper is required that involves the stude
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