_The topic is sleep deprivation_ * Not the whole project I just need the solution, implementation, and visual parts done follow the outline for details, please. to make it easier i have attached 2 articles for reference and an example of the project. also will give you a draft that include bullet points in implementation and solution. Recommendation Report ProjectIn completing the Recommendation Report assignment, students will select a real, local problem, describe the problem, propose a solution and prove the solution’s viability, to include plans for implementation.As with all reports, the recommendation report hinges on research. However, the research for the recommendation report works to prove to the audience that the recommended action is an achievable, workable, and appropriate solution to the problem given the practical constraints (i.e., resources, budget, time, personnel, etc.). Recommendation reports address the following questions:What problem are you going to solve?How are you going to solve it?Is it practical to pursue this solution?What are the benefits of the solution?How much will the work cost?When and how will you complete the work?Again, the answers to these must be based on research. Research informs both the description of the problem and the practical aspects of implementing their recommendation.Sample Format for Recommendation ReportLetter of TransmittalTitle PageTable of ContentsInformative AbstractIntroductionContext/Background InformationPurpose statement and top-down strategyProblem/NeedExplanation of problem or needCauses of problem or needSolutionDetails of the solutionBenefits of the solutionWays in which the solution satisfies decision criteriaImplementationSchedule for implementing the solution (Consider including a Gantt chart)BudgetPersonnel and assigned duties of each member of the teamVisual Deliverables -like graphs and charts, to establish the scope of the problem and/or potential impacts of solutions – Infographics or other visual products (e.g., memes) designed for circulation with the target population impacted by the problem (e.g., an infographic for students that could be circulated on campus). – Essentially, these two types of visuals are targeted to two different audiences. Data visualizations would be included in the report for an internal audience of people reading the report. These types of visuals are a form of professional communication. Infographics/memes, etc., are oriented toward an external, public audience. This type of visual product could be an example of public communication that would serve in the report as evidence of the solution’s beneficial impact on the target community.ConclusionUnderscore benefits of recommendation and ask the reader to actReferences (if applicable)MLA format. See Purdue Owl for MLA Style Guide ..

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_The topic is sleep deprivation_ * Not the whole project I j
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