500 words, 2 references 1. In either designing the job, or in hiring to fill the job, does your organization consider any of the individual factors that might influence success? Explain your answer and consider the following factors: – Cultural differences in the people (chapter 1 and 2 – Personality factors like MBTI type, conscientiousness, locus of control, and hardiness – Where a person is in satisfying their higher- and lower-level needs (Chapter 5) 2. In your organization, are there any jobs that appear to have been successfully designed (either initially or as they have “evolved”) using ideas like those described in the textbook? Anchor your comments in the achievement of the three critical states, and in the achievement of “engagement’. 3. How would you describe the organization you work for on each of the basic design dimensions? What changes in these dimensions have you seen in your organization due to pressures for improved cost/effectiveness or to meet other changes in the environment/competition? ..

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500 words, 2 references 1. In either designing the job, or i
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