5. Target Market ▪ Research to determine the target audience of the business. ▪ Develop a persona for social media by interviewing 3 members of your target audience. ▪ Identify the suitable social media platform based on the target audience [at least 4 platforms]. 6. Implementation [Content Ideas] For each social media platform [based on the previous selection]: ▪ Determine the purpose/goal ▪ Ideal time for Posting ▪ What types of content will help you driving people to your website and local store? ▪ In detail, develop actionable social media tactics to implement each of the social media platforms. ▪ Regarding influencer marketing strategy, select 3 influencers and evaluate the following: ▪ The influencers you will employ and why you selected them. ▪ Social media platforms they are using ▪ The nature of their followers ▪ The media and messages you will ask your influencers to promote. 7. Evaluation and Measuring ▪ Choose four metrics to measure the success of your social media campaign? [Explain]. ▪ How do you know if your social media activities are effective? 8. Conclusion: ▪ Conclude your report. 9. Reference list ▪ list all the sources you have used in the process of researching your work. ..

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5. Target Market ▪ Research to determine the target audien
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