5-7 pages; spaced as necessary in the professional worldIn addition to having employment-based materials, that will assist your ascent towards your goal, it is also important to have some kind of plan/report/proposal. Your final assignment allows you to create something that’s specifically intended for your major and/or personal plans. Potential Options: Business Plan Provide a brief business model and proposal for your own future business. In a formal report, analyze a rival competitor’s financial figures and efficacy, and explain why your product or service will succeed.Financial Analysis Complete an Individual Expense Report using your own monetary figures (income/wages/assets/investments/savings/expenditures) and compare them with the average American household, and propose a new budget to help you in your immediate future (how deep into the future is up to you)Company Proposal (A version of the midterm)Perhaps while working in groups you were struck with curiosity about another aspect of the company you wrote on behalf of or perhaps you’ve grown curious about a different company. This is a chance for you to take the full reigns of a business report and propose, analyze, persuade, inform and so forth. Write a formal report for a Fortune 500 company that you hope/plan to work for upon graduation. Analyze financial figures and assess the efficacy of the product/service/marketing campaign. Choose one of the option to write, I have also attached 4 sample writings. Let me know if you have questions. ..

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5-7 pages; spaced as necessary in the professional worldIn a
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