3 full pages (cover or reference page not included)APA 6th Edition It will be verified by Turnitin 5 References not older than 5 yearsPurpose:Nurses work together in many environments. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of each type of graduate nurse will foster cooperative relationships.Directions:Analyze a specialty that has evolved in a different direction from that of nursing advanced practice (e.g., administration, nursing education, health policy, and/or forensic nursing).Appraise key differences in the evolution of this specialty as compared with other nursing advanced practice specialties?Evaluate the future vision and goals of your chosen MSN role and relate to emerging healthcare trends and needs.Investigate unique challenges in your state related to your chosen role that other nursing advanced practice colleagues should know about your role to promote cooperative relationships amongst the healthcare team ..

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3 full pages (cover or reference page not included)APA 6th E
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