2 Paragraphs on each all relating to Boeing 737 Max CrashesProvide details (i.e., be specific). For example, in terms of affecting the course of events, what key decisions were made and who made them? What key areas of the organization were involved? Were any key areas not involved that should have been? These are example questions to help you get started; do not limit yourself to addressing these questions.1) Rushed Development2) Pilots Inadequately Trained3) CommunicationsAn example part that I have already completed looks like thisFaulty Software-One of the main causes for the failure of the 737 MAX was the presence of faulty software within its autopilot systems. As stated within the profits over safety section, the plane was equipped with a feature that pushes the nose down if a sensor detects a potential stall (Kelly). However, this software had a critical flaw that led to the deaths of hundreds of people. This software forced the autopilot to force the plane into a dive and later crash. This tragedy might have been prevented if there was more testing and quality assurance with their software development team. A potential recommendation that could have a beneficial effect upon the company would be the implementation of various specialized programming teams that all solely dedicate their efforts into one field. These teams would be overseen by managers and supervisors who guide the entire software development effort for Boeing, and would have the responsibility to ensure quality and safety for their code. The assurance of these goals would be quite difficult with only several managers and supervisors looking over the entire operation, and a way to circumvent this issue is to implement a quality assurance and testing team who throughout inspects every single aspect of the development process. As a whole, this would require more funding, but also ensures safety for Boeing’s passengers and further prevents tragedies such as the 737 MAX from occuring again. Also, it preserves the value of Boeing’s stock and will benefit stakeholders.Please add sources used ..

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2 Paragraphs on each all relating to Boeing 737 Max CrashesP
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