10pageformalpaper(exclusiveoftitlepage,endnotes,bibliography,appendixes,tables,andanyimages). Papersneedtobedrawnfromaminimumoffiveprimarydocumentsandfivesecondarysources. Primarydocumentscanbetakenfromonlinesources. Youarepermittedtouseonlyonedocumentperonlinesource. Youareallowedtotakeonlyonesecondarysourceperjournalorbook. Although the essay is in Chicago style, please make sure that the citation is in endnote format, not foot note. ALL SOURCES NEED TO BE ACADEMIC IN NATURE. When citing in the endnotes, include the page number that the information has been gathered from. This essay is an analysis of the article AmericanPopular Music by Wesley Morris. For the first 2 pages of the essay summarize the article. The following pages should explain the essay in the following regards: why I agree with the author about their ideas in the first page (that stealing black music adds to the racial rift), how blackface has evolved over the years and what they symbolized in each era and how these different ideas of blackface are different from the original distaste for black people and their culture when the slaves began arriving in America in 1619, and how black performers have been left behind as white performers continue to use black music styles to gain popularity. At the end of every point, connect the idea back to the year 1619 when the first African slaves were brought to America. the last few points should talk about what is wrong with the article. one point is how the article doesn’t mention the year 1619 very much.i included the article that the essay is about. Ideas to use: Cultural attributes of Angolans, how agriculture and fishing techniques and other skills have been stolen from the African slaves and how that relates to other stolen things such as musicsome sources to use:SlaveryandAfricanEthnicitiesintheAmericas Popular Music, Vol. 30, No. 3 (October 2011), pp. 371-388 (18 pages)Callaloo, Vol. 33, No. 4 (Fall, 2010), pp. 1093-1115 (23 pages)use authors James Horton and Linda HeywoodPeter Woods, ‘Black Majority’please include a thorough, 3 page outline of the essay ..

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