10 pt font , 1.5 spacingBased on these videos, discuss the situation with the Great Barrier Reef. Is it too late to repair it? What can be done? What is being done?here’s the text book link for the questions below:http://open.lib.umn.edu/worldgeography/Page 783 questions 3, 4, 9783.3. What are some of Australia’s main physical features? How are they developed for tourism?783.4. What are the main climate types in Australia? How does climate relate to population?783.9. What are Australia’s main exports? Who is their main trading partner?Page 793 questions 1, 2, 4, 9793.1. What are the main physical features of the South Island and North Island of New Zealand?793.2. How is the North Island different from the South Island in population and economic activities?793.4. Who were the inhabitants of New Zealand before the colonial era? Where did they come from?793.9. How has the economic situation in New Zealand changed over the past few decades?Chapter 13: Page 812 questions 1, 2, 5812.1. What are the three main regions of islands in the Pacific? What island nations belong to each?812.2. What are the traditional methods of making a living on the Pacific islands?812.5. Name three major environmental concerns of these islands. ..

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10 pt font , 1.5 spacingBased on these videos, discuss the s
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