1) Write down the name of a entrepreneur that you admire Write down key characteristics that define them as a leader.What is the chronology of events that took that person to a position of a leadership?How did the events of that person’s life affect their ultimate leadership self?How did these qualities impact their business?What lessons can you apply to your own life? 2) How successful people reach their goals? Write at least 3 personal goals that you think are essential to your success. After you decide on your goals, list the objectives you must meet in order to achieve your goalsPlease lsit your goals, then at least two objectives you must reach to achieve each of your goals. Remember objectives are quantifiable. 3) Self Reflections on competition advantage List 5 resources you possess (business related)List 3 abilitiesList 2 core competencies you will bring to a business careerShare how your core competencies provide competitive advantage in the job market and will provide competitive advantage in first job 4) IBM is a global tech giant, 375,000 employees, revenue at $85 billion, HQ is in NY, but 70% of employees are overseas, earns 2/3 of revenues outside of the U.S. is IKEA really Swedish? 6% of sales are garnered from the Swedish market, 14% of sales are in USA What is an appropriate definition of a U.S firm?What considerations should a firm have for its home country?What about web-based companies (e.g Facebook)? They were founded in the US and have millions of American users but are global in reach.Who should regulate these companies? Whose rules should they follow? To whom should they pay tax? ..

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1) Write down the name of a entrepreneur that you admire Wri
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