1. Write a minimum of a 3-page paper presenting your philosophy and personal leadership approach.2. I want you to present your leadership philosophy and thoughts on this subject, not just data or someone else’s research. 3. Why do you think you will be a successful leader?4. What strengths and competencies will make you stand out as an exceptional leader?5. How do you plan on behaving as a leader? 6. What type of organizational culture will you create for your employees? 7. How will you handle difficult employee performance and relation issues?8. Profile yourself as a leader.9. Your paper should include an introductory page and a summary page. 10. Submit your final paper in a report folder with a transparent front cover displaying the appropriate title information.11. Please feel free to include extra attachments and supportive materials & data.12. The expectation is that you will use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.13. Your paper should be double-spaced with a short title and page numbers located in the upper right-hand corner of each page.14. Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font.15. From a personal image point-of-view, your paper will need to look professional, business-like, and something that you would be able to submit to a prospective employer. ..

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1. Write a minimum of a 3-page paper presenting your philoso
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