#1) Please, reply to Student (T.Y.) by following the instructions and the Rubric: “For your response post, provide a constructive critique of one group member’s selection. have been asked to develop the new strategic marketing direction and the plan of implementation covering all 4 P’s of marketing. You will also present the strategic marketing plan to the board of directors of the selected company. The Strategic Marketing Plan should follow the outline below:TEAM Written: PART 1: 1 – Title Page = ‘Apple Inc. A Great Marketer and a Successful Company’2 – Executive Summary3 – Company’s Background and/or ProblemRemember not to work on the part 2, part 2 is for next week. Part 1 is for now, and please follow the rubric and the ‘Grid View’. So, on the file that I uploaded I am student 1 that means you’re going to work only on the part 1 which is: ‘1. Title Page which I already chose, 2. Executive Summary, and 3. Company’s Background and/or Problem.’ I need at least two citations for this work.Another reminder: Please, don’t worry about this one below, it attached on the file, but it’s done already: Week 5: Team Social Media DiscussionCollaborative discussion required, grade based on individual contributions. Post a summary analysis of your social media selection from Week 4. Individual Answer Post Due Day (… pts) ..

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#1) Please, reply to Student (T.Y.) by following the instruc
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