1. Look first in the bibliography in the course packet (9-14) for an article or section or chapterof a book that looks interesting. [Photocopy or make a PDF file of the article or section.]Make sure your source is credible (i.e., edited)—like those in the bibliography in the packetor other essays not on the syllabus. [For example, find writings by Thoreau or Mary Austinor Gary Snyder or Annie Dillard that we do not read in class.] If you find a source online,make sure it is credible (edited). If you are wondering about an online source, clear it withme first. Find 1-3 other members in the class who will be presenting different articles on thesame general topic, and brainstorm how you might give a collaborative presentation.2. Read and take extensive notes, looking up jargon words if necessary.3. Write a summary / handout (1-2 pages) containing the following information:a) State as clearly as you can the thesis or main idea of the article or section of a book;b) State the dominant ideas of the article or section, noting the ways that they relate to thethesis;c) Discuss interesting, quirky, and astounding facts, quotes, and ideas;d) Explain terminology unfamiliar to your audience;e) Critique anecdotes, facts, and ideas that you found convincing or not—say why you thinkas you do;f) Relate anecdotes, facts, and ideas in the article to topics and readings we cover in the course. I will relate it to s article from the course in the end like it said do. This needs to be a two page paper with a handout after that. I was thinkinng for the handout I could give them the thinngs about fishing and talk about what is good with that for my ten minute talk in front of class. I am going to send you chapter 15 of the last child in the woods this is only part of the chapter since it wonnt let me add rest of it until someone can help me, ..

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1. Look first in the bibliography in the course packet (9-14
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