1. Identify and explain the balanced scorecard approach to control. Specify its advantages, and explain how it differs from the traditional approach to control used in most companies. Comment on which approach—the traditional or balanced approach to control—is more likely to help a company adapt to a changing, competitive marketplace.2. Explain how a student’s perception process and perceptual filters could complicate the communication process for the registrar’s staff at a university which is trying to implement an unpopular change in policy requiring the payment of an additional fee to drop classes after the first week (where no fee has been charged for this drop prior to the change). The registrar has placed notification of the change in the student registration newspaper, as an e-mail message to all students, and on posters across the campus.3. Identify and describe Fiedler’s contingency theory. Explain how this approach might be particularly valuable to an experienced manager in selecting among several job offers for managerial positions in different organizational situations.4. Describe the nature of the control process. Identify its basic steps, as well as the three basic methods of control. Explain how specific policies and procedures related to grading used at a college or university could be seen as an example of the control process, and specify which method(s) of control your example(s) represent. ..

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1. Identify and explain the balanced scorecard approach to c
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