1. Formulate?one?new comment of your own. It must be a logical and thoughtful response that synthesizes the comments
Health administrators conduct operation of health clinics, hospitals and other types of medical organizations. They possess the responsibility for multiple functions such as finance, budgets, programs, and staff members. There may be occasions where they deal with patients but more so assist with creating health policies. Policy in healthcare is significant because it forms a common plan of action utilized to reinforce desired results and is an essential guideline to assist composing decisions (Leahy, n.d.). Healthcare policy communicates the desired results of the organization to the staff members. It also assists staff members to acknowledge their roles and responsibilities within their respective sections. Health policy ultimately should build the base for the distribution of secure and efficient quality care. Policy and procedures are existing documents that should cultivate and adjust with an organization. While the core elements of health policy may remain the same, the details should transition with the corporation and the organization (Powerdms, 2017). It is important to stay up to date on policy because outdated policies have the potential to leave an organization at risk. Expired or old policies may not be in compliance with current laws and regulations. Periodically reviewing your organizations policies and procedures will ensure that your organization will remain current and efficient. ..

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1. Formulate?one?new comment of your own. It must be a logical
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