1. Discussion Question: with 3 referencesThe chart you select to represent your data will be influenced by many factors. Kirk (2016) has put each chart into the five main families below:• Categorical: Comparing categories and distributions of quantities values• Hierarchical: Charting part-to-whole relationships and hierarchies• Relational: Graphing relationships to explore correlations and connections• Temporal: Showing trends and activities over time• Spatial: Mapping spatial patterns through overlays and distortionsSelect a chart type from the text and discuss what the chart is used for and why you selected it. (The author has included a lot of different chart types in our course book)2. Need 4 pages assignment question below Project assignment is to have you do more research on the topic of Data Analytics and Visualization. In this project you will need to do some research. Select any software that can help you with data analytics, it can be R programming, it can be Tableau, anything. Research the software and write a paper on its capabilities with examples.Here is what needs to be done:1. Submit 4 pages double spaced, APA style MS Word document.2. Only 2 graphics or figures allowed.3. Reference all sources used. Use APA style references. ..

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1. Discussion Question: with 3 referencesThe chart you selec
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