1. Definition the nursing issue2. Description of five influencing factors to the issue3. Citation of the data from three or more sources to support importance of the issue4. Addressing the challenges and consequences of not addressing the nursing issue5. 1 or 2 strategies to solve the issue6. Your personal thoughts on the severity of the problem as your introduction and yourpersonal recommendations on how to solve the issue as your conclusio.Topic selections: Nursing shortage, Lack of evidence based practice, Lack of patient focused careHint: You want to find “scholarly “articles that discusses; the issue, the impact of the issue tonursing practice, the importance of addressing the issueHint: Please write in the third person this is not an “I” paper. The word count must be reflected onthe cover page of your paperNote: Write and Cite your references using APA format. Include a reference page ..

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1. Definition the nursing issue2. Description of five influe
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