■1800+ words of text, double spaced, size 12 font, first line indent, no extra space between paragraphs■Works Cited in MLA style after text.Begin a new page for this (IN-TEXT CITATIONS)■At least 6 entries; at least 3 must be from academic journals■Paragraphs develop one idea onlyThere are forbidden topics: (I can not write about those:)Gun Control, Abortion, Immigration, Capital Punishment, Prayer in School, Steroids,Texting while driving, Legalization of Marijuana, Childhood obesity, Genetic Engineering, Stem Cells, Euthanasia, Underage drinking, ADHD, Smoking, Drug-testing for welfare, Bullying, Gays in the military, Women in Combat, VaccinationsAnything that requires readers to share your particular faith—religious or otherwiseANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY:•A list of your citations with a short explanation of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of each source •Annotations need a summary and an assessment for your topic (no more than two paragraphs) •Use MLA just like the Works Cited page, and then follow your citation with your notes about the source•Write in the third person (i.e., no “I” or “you”)•Two paragraphs are sufficient—and topic sentences help •Analyzing weaknesses will strengthen your bibliography by possibly revealing bias in your source •Write your entries as you do research •Alphabetize •The author’s name is the most important for formatting ..

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■1800+ words of text, double spaced, size 12 font, first l
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