‏ hello I need help with research paper the topic : *Ancient Greece democracy *- This essay must be well-written, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.- The essay will be judged on the quality of your understanding of your chosen topic and discussion of the historiography.-You should be able to organize a large body of material and facts (and too few facts that are reliable)- in order to produce a coherent argument about your topic that is well organized and supported by primary and secondary sources.-Style: Times New Roman 12 point-Referencing: you should use Chicago Style (footnote) referencing-Length: at least 2,000 wordsSources: at least 5 different sources (use both primary and secondary sources).””’Use academic sources only”””.””Avoid the internet as a secondary source ”'(it can be useful for preliminary research but look up the references and use them instead).also i need a summary for this research . ..

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‏ hello I need help with research paper the topic : *Ancie
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